What's with the name?

Our unique name is a combination of "
Renaissance" and "Nutrition", two important aspects of our company.  Also, our logo's registered name is Renaissance Dancer, and the word rennaissance refers to renewed interest in a subject.   Our motto is "a new way of thinking about health and wellness," which focuses on understanding how the body works to promote healing and well-being, a concept that we believe has been overshadowed by modern medicine.  We do this mainly through creating custom wellness programs based on concepts of functional medicine and nutrition.  

What inspired the creation of Renatrition?

Renatrition Health and Wellness was created in June 2020 during the height of the American COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic.  We realized that a significant factor related to the spread of the virus was people's lack of knowledge about how the immune system works and how their lifestyle affects it.  So Renatrition was created to provide education to empower people with knowledge about their health and provide programs to help clients conquer their symptoms and live their best lives.  

What's the background of Renatrition?  How do you help people?

Our programs are created to help two types of clients:

Those with chronic pain and difficulty with activities (dance and non-dance related)
who have tried everything, and nothing has helped, 

And those suffering with symptoms of chronic illness or disease
who want to feel better without medications, injections, or surgery. 

We use foundations of functional medicine and nutrition to educate our clients and create programs to help them feel better and live life with less pain and worry.

What's functional medicine? What's functional nutrition?

Functional medicine is basically just using a deep knowledge about how the body actually works to help manage illness and disease.  Most FM practitioners believe that all conditions are based upon an inflammatory process somewhere in the body and they work to figure out where the inflammation is coming from and what's causing it to their clients better.  FM practitioners tend to use exercise and nutrition as it's "medicine." It doesn't follow concepts of modern medicine which use prescription medication or surgical intervention to manage disease. 

Functional nutrition refers to the specific use of healthy food and nutrient support (ex: supplements) to help improve health.  It focuses on the highest quality of foods and support available to clients to help them achieve their health goals. 

Who's Dr. Alexis?

Renatrition Health and Wellness is owned by Dr. Alexis Sams, a functional medicine specialist and holistic health physical therapist.  Over her 15+ year career, she has consistently focused on expanding her knowledge to provide true healing and lasting results to all of her clients within her scope of practice.  Her clients receive care in areas of corrective exercise, balance and movement awareness, chronic pain and inflammation management, symptom management of disease, and more.  She provides care using the foundations of functional medicine and physical therapy including anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, biomechanics, nutrition and wellness.  

Will a Renatrition program work for me?

No practitioner can guarantee any treatment or program 100% for anyone.  What we can say with 100% certainty is that we do everything in our power to help our clients feel better. 

Many clients discover factors they didn't even realize were holding them back from feeling better.  Some clients take longer than we originally expected to feel better, but just about all of our clients do get better.   We want to know about our potential clients and let them know what to expect before they start one of our programs.  So if you're unsure if a Renatrition program is for you, we suggest starting with an assessment session first.  You can schedule one HERE.  



Renatrition Health and Wellness believes in:

safe and effective treatment to overcome chronic pain and symptoms without prescription medication, injections, or surgery,

providing accessible and easy to understand resources to encourage wellness and expand health knowledge,

helping our patients and clients develop independence in the awareness and management chronic pain, movement dysfunctions, and other chronic symtpoms,

and addressing the mental and emotional needs of our clients as a crucial component of their healing and wellbeing.


To identify the ULTIMATE SOURCE of chronic pain and symptoms through focused assessment

To MANAGE client's symptoms safely for optimal performance, without medication

To EDUCATE all clients on how to live a more healthy and happy life


Renatrition Health and Wellness will help 100,000 people get rid of their chronic pain and symptoms, allowing them to live a happier and healthier life, without prescription medicaitons, injections, or surgery. We will be a national leader of hollistic health and wellness services and education. 

INTERNAL CORE VALUES (what we value regarding the functioning of AZDM)

Continued learning and growing:  We constantly study to refine our skills to provide you the best and fastest treatment possible.  We don’t follow fads and trends if they don’t work for you. We don’t follow traditional treatment methods if they don’t work for you. We continually seek feedback on communication to provide our best service to you.

Doing more with less: We keep things simple and as organized as possible. We are constantly streamlining and automating our systems wherever we can to make business operations and treatment as seamless as possible so you get the care that you need easily, quickly, and safely.

Modeling a healthy lifestyle: We can’t take care of you, if we aren’t taking care of us. So we strive to exercise regularly and follow the same daily management regimen that we recommend to our clients once they complete their program.

Being part of something bigger: We strive to be an international leader of health and wellness education, helping people everywhere to live happy and healthy, with decreased risk of injury and disease.

EXTERNAL CORE VALUES (what we value regarding service to our clients)

Understanding our clients:
 We see you as a dancer and as a human being, relate to you on that level, then find out what you need to feel and perform your best.

Keeping It comfortable: From our studio floor, to our décor, to our music, we strive to keep things familiar and comfortable for you. 

Not wasting time:  We are committed to getting to the source of your problem as quickly as possible and creating a plan that will get you back in class or back on stage in no time.

Not wasting money: We’re thinking about your dancing in a long-term capacity.   We charge what we need to get you better quickly and safely, and also to keep you from unnecessary medications, injections, or surgery which could cost tons more.

Giving you the attention you deserve:
 100% of sessions are one-on-one with a trained professional.  We don’t see ourselves changing that…EVER.